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Description of Preferred Servicing Group company & work


PSG is committed to providing optimum service nationally to the property owners to avoid massive foreclosures. Although each proposed property has its individual challenges, PSG has perfected the process of completing the short sale in an above industry standard time line from submission.

With foreclosure rates rising, congress has governed legislation that would dramatically change the way servicers manage defaulted loans.


PSG monitors the legislation updates on a federal and state level and has an internal training certificate program that tests each processor for compliance with PSG proprietary procedures.


PSG’s partners recognized the need to develop a dedicated servicing company to provide honest, accurate and concise information to support the distressed property owner’s status while presenting the national lenders and investor’s solutions to avoid foreclosures.


PSG is a processing service center. We support realtors, attorneys, the individual property owners, investors, and the outsourcing projects from the national lenders.  Clients recognize that the expertise and drive at Preferred Servicing Group cuts expense and headaches by "doing it right" and "doing it fast" when it comes to processing short sales.


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