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Q: Why use Preferred Servicing Group LLC?


Our goal is to educate our clients to understand their options in this difficult housing market. The short sale process has no fees to the property owner and provides the highest possible commission for the Realtor


Q: Can a homeowner in a short sale buy or lease back their property?


A: No.


Q: Can a Realtor profit from a short sale?


A: Yes. Commission paid by the lending institution. The lender will determine the allowable percentages / points.


Q: Can a realtor get paid by PSG and also receive a real estate commission?


A: No. The realtor is paid only by the lending institution.


Q: Can PSG fees be paid on the HUD1?


A: Yes. A loss mitigation or coordination fee is loand on the HUD1.


Q: What benefits are there in PSG handling a short sale for the realtor?


A: Many. Our proven record of successful loan modifications and short sales enables the Realtor to do what they do best – sell homes.  PSG has a proven dedicated process to successfully negotiate a short sale in a timely manner.




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