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Mortgage underwriting has seen dramatic changes and requirements to approve potential property owners. Although there may be possible mortgage solutions for some, the majority must face alternative solutions.

A short sale  today may be your re-financed mortgage of tomorrow. Be able to provide your customers with a viable solution to their real estate concerns.




Q: Why use PSG?


Our goal is to educate our clients to understand their options in this difficult housing market. The short sale process has no fees to the property owner and prevents the homeowner from having a foreclosure on their credit report. This allows them to be able to purchase another home in 2 years instead of 5 or more with a foreclosure. If you refer clients to us who can’t be refinanced out of their situation right now, we will let you know when their short sale is complete so you can keep in touch with them. When it comes time to buy another home wouldn’t they go back to the person who helped them in the first place?


Q: What kind of clients should I refer to your company?


A: You can refer clients who you are unable to refinance at this time because they are behind in their mortgage payments and/or the house is worth less than what it owed on it. We can help them with a short sale which will eliminate their mortgage debt and over time, increase their credit scores. Once they are in the position to either refinance or buy another house, you would be the natural person for them to go to.




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