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PSG was formed as a consulting solution that can help protect homeowners. We knew that we could help homeowners avoid the negative consequences that follow mortgage default and help them protect their credit. Our expertise is in negotiating a favorable solution that will protect the interests of the property owner facing the complicated scenarios presented when facing the lender

There is no magical fix. However, there are very powerful solutions a homeowner is very likely to qualify for. Finding a solution that is appropriate and that will be approved s vitally unimportant. Why the answer is that time and other constraints usually allow for only one attempt. That is exactly where our expertise comes into play. We help home owners identify the best solution and then negotiate with the lender on their behalf.

Lenders negotiate aggressively, and are very powerful when they negotiate directly with the borrower. Having experts in your corner is invaluable and will put you. The borrower, in a much stronger negotiating position.

For example, a homeowner who took out a loan for $600,000 to buy a home a few years ago has negative home equity as the value of

The property has dropped to $500,000. The homeowner may say to them self, “Why continue paying more for a home that is worth less than I bought it for?” 

A Short Sale presents a perfect solution to both the troubled homeowner and the lender in the current Real Estate crisis. To avoid foreclosure and the frightening consequences involved, the homeowner may be able to sell the property at a loss and start fresh. You may ask yourself, “Why would a lender take a loss on the sale of a home? Isn’t that a horrible business practice?” The answers are simple. The banks do not like excess inventory and delinquent loans on their books. They know that taking control of a foreclosed property is an expensive and time consuming liability. .There is many fees involved like property taxes, liens, and repairs. Banks do not want to be responsible for property management as it’s not part of their core business practice. They often are better off taking the minimal loss beforehand and be finished with the ordeal.


Why do a Short Sale?

Short Sales are usually undertaken because the homeowner is out of options and does not want to experience the tragedy caused by home foreclosure. 

Typically when someone is at the point of not being able to afford their home due to; high rates, dips in property values, divorce, loss of employment, decrease of income, etc., then we are forced to make a life altering decision. 

If your home is foreclosed on you it will ruin your credit for seven years. That means you will have extreme difficulty finding any bank to loan you money. You can forget about being able to buy another house, a car, open a new business, or even qualify for credit cards. On top of that, the loans you do receive will have incredibly high interest rates as you will be considered a credit risk by credit card companies and banks.

With a Short Sale you have the ability to save your credit from reflecting a ‘foreclosure’ as to simply having a ‘settled debt’.

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