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I was upside down on two properties in Wildwood, NJ.  I couldn’t keep up and had to get out.  The team at PSG not only negotiated with my creditors to get them to accept less than what I owed but they convinced them to pay multiple liens and judgments against me from the proceeds of the short sales.


-          Joseph S. - Homeowner



In such a trying time it was a source of tremendous relief to have someone like Jeff Hoover and his team at PSG in my corner.  They helped me to avoid what I thought was an inevitable foreclosure and all of the negative results that come along with that.


-          Stacey B. - Homeowner



I needed to sell my property and I owed the bank more than the market would yield.  I learned of a possible solution to my problem via a “short sale”.  I was extremely pleased with the effectiveness of PSG’s process.  They got me approved in 47 days with no deficiency judgments and no 1099!


-          Jim D. - Homeowner


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