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In a real estate market like this it can be very hard to find solid investment opportunities.  PSG helped me to buy a Virginia Beach property for $125,000 from a homeowner that owed over $387,000.  They helped the homeowner get out of a really bad situation and helped me find an excellent investment.


-          Matthew S. - Investor



As a realtor, I am seeing more and more short sales every day and honestly they are difficult to deal with.  The banks are simply inundated with homeowners’ requests for help.  PSG’s staff is highly effective at dealing with these banks and managing the entire process smoothly.


-          Dan H. - Realtor



The staff at PSG makes short sales easy!  I am very pleased with PSG’s ability to handle all of the intricacies of a short sale.  They make the whole process more manageable from start to finish which leaves me more time to do what I do best – market real estate.


-          Richard R. - Realtor




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